The Ultimate Ketogenic Shopping List

So, you’ve decided to start your keto journey for fast and easy weight loss while still enjoying your favorite foods. Great! Where to start? Well, it’s time to head to your local grocery store and pick up some staple items to make sure you’re on the route to a successful ketosis. To make it even easier, this list will be organized by the three necessary food groups for keto – fats, protein, and vegetables. We’ll also go over what dairy options are the most keto-friendly. I didn’t want to just list what foods so we broke it down into each type of food and why. Let’s get started!

Keto Shopping List
The Ultimate Ketogenic Shopping List

Now for your keto shopping list

Fats and Oils

Making up the majority of your calorie intake, fats are the most important factor for achieving ketosis. The key here is to stick to saturated and monounsaturated fats – and avoid trans fat at all costs. The best sources of fats are butter, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and avocados. Be sure to take it easy on the avocado, a half typically contains 6 grams of carbohydrates and usually gets you feeling full on its own. The oils are ideal for cooking with, butter is great for topping off your steak and fatty nuts such as macadamia are a great go-to snack.

Sources of Protein

Protein is another key macro on the keto diet. This includes all your favorite meats – steak, pork chop, bacon, and chicken are all staple meats to have in your keto artillery. Fatty fish is also another great option, so if you love salmon, this is the perfect time to stock up. And of course, that bacon is going to need its handy companion on the breakfast table: eggs are a must-have on the keto diet, so be sure to add them to your list.


Vegetables play a key role in any diet, but especially in ketosis. They provide all of the vital nutrients that won’t be supplied in fats and proteins alone. It’s important to stick to the dark and leafy vegetables, as they provide the most nutrients and contain the least amount of carbs. This includes veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli, green beans, and lettuce or cabbage. It’s important to lay off the starchy vegetables such as potatoes, as these are the biggest culprits of hidden carbs. Instead, make sure to eat your greens!


While not all dairy options can qualify as keto, there are some staple items that you can add to your ketogenic shopping list. This is mostly comprised of cheeses, such as mozzarella, cottage cheese and parmesan. It’s best to stick to aged cheeses, as these contain the least amount of carbohydrates. Bonus: heavy whipping cream! This contains loads of fat and is low on carbs, making it the perfect treat to kick that sweet tooth.

There you have it – the ultimate ketogenic shopping list, whether you’re just starting out or need some inspiration for your next trip to the grocery store. These foods are all key items for your shopping list, as they’re going to make your diet easier than ever. So go ahead, make a list or simply bring this article with you to your local grocery shop and stock up on all the basics to ensure keto success!

Now that you know what to buy when you go to the store, check out our keto macro calculator here.

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